Garden Lovers

This clay work was inspired by the book of ” Song of songs.” ” Behold, you are handsome, my beloved!Yes, pleasant! My beloved is a bouquet of flowers in the gardens of Engedi. How beautiful you are, my love, how beautiful! Your eyes are soft as doves’.   What a lovely, pleasant thing you are,Continue reading “Garden Lovers”

Wet Mounting Technique and More

East Asian brushwork includes Brush, Ink stick, Ink stoneand Paper. These four are known as “The Four Treasures of the Studio” (for painting) and “The Four Treasures of the Study” (for calligraphy). Traditionally, two types of paper are used in brush painting. One type is “raw paper”, and the other one is “sized paper”. InContinue reading “Wet Mounting Technique and More”

The lamb and the lion

This traditional Mandarin Chinese character of RIGHTEOUSNESS is “義“ , which is made up with ” 羊 (LAMB) “ above “ 我(ME) “. In other words, when you set the lamb above me, it’s called righteousness. In the Bible, Yeshua (Jesus) came as the sacrificial lamb without blemish to substitute and die for our sins. InContinue reading “The lamb and the lion”