Table Design – series 1 to 3

Complete Upcycling Here are a few table projects that made domestic and overseas with recycled cardboards, recycled fabric, acrylic paints, spray glue, PVA glue and some old A0 photography papers. Nairobi, Kenya, Art Residency. This project was made in June, 2019, locally in Nairobi. Then, gifted to Children at risk programme locally. Consumerism We consume manyContinue reading “Table Design – series 1 to 3”

A Heart’s Path

Suli Mao’s A Heart’s Path is a show in Matala festival 2012, and will be showing in Mangere Arts Centre in September. 222LEAVES’ photographer Marc Daniel McFadyen was thrilled to be involved in the pre-production for the poster and flyer’s photography image. For  more details about this show, please see the link below

The Prophets

“The Prophets” photography exhibition Displayed by NZ’s smallest gallery “ Dim’ Gal “ Dim’ Gal is not only the smallest gallery in New Zealand, (which is as small as a shop window display) but also the newest one; open since December 2011. Because of its window display style, it is essentially a 24hr-viewing gallery. InContinue reading “The Prophets”

King from Kingsland

You were in my way on that day. I asked you to move, that I might shoot what I wanted. You looked a little rough and tough- probably why no one else was sitting next to you. I thought I was being polite, explaining my assignment and asking you to move. Out of frame, you complied,Continue reading “King from Kingsland”