Love without limitation

I made this piece of art work during the Art Residency in Nairobi, Kenya.

Medium: Recycled newspaper, recycled fabric, acrylic paints and Eastern Asian ink on a canvas. 


The triptych on the canvas represents love overcoming all limitation.

The 1st panel is inspired by Maasai bead jewellery, made by objects found locally in Nairobi, Kenya, i.e. the recycled newspaper and fabric. The small feather in the centre is from a Korowai, which is from a N.Z. Maori cloak.

The 2nd panel is a local Kenyan girl wearing traditional jewellery beads. The 3rd panel is a girl from New Zealand, flying all the way to Kenya for the love of the local people and culture. 

Even though there are geographic, language and cultural boundaries, the love of Christ is still able to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together. This love crosses over all boundaries and obstacles without limitation. 

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