Two hearts, two lives. One commitment.

I went to a conference and the speaker was sharing about her experiences of rescuing girls from brothels, and streets. I heard some sad stories of human trafficking. According to the report, there may now be as many as 30 million people worldwide held against their will to be a sex slave or forced labour. There is injustice and unheard crying in our world.

However, there is hope that the Eden ministry brings the love of Jesus Christ to those dark corners. The team reaches out, rescues and restores those girls. There are prevention programs, counselling and health awareness through psychotherapeutic behavioural therapy and creative therapies. They provide safe houses, vocational training and economic empowerment.

In the conference, there was a stall selling jewellery hand-made by those precious girls. Each piece of jewellery has a story behind. Like this one:

It’s made with two hearts. When the customer purchases the 18K gold-plated stainless steel pendant, there is also a heart pendant which fits perfectly inside. This is removed and made into another necklace , which is then given to a girl who is in the slave trade. The Eden team gives the girl the small heart necklace inside, and tells her how precious she is. People on the other side of the world are praying for her. The team gives their contact number to the girl as well, helping to rescue her from her current situation. Watch the short video about this jewellery here.

I was so touched and inspired by what Eden ministry is doing, I bought a few pieces of jewellery to give as a gift, and share their story with my friends as well as on my blog.

Every piece of jewellery we bought, goes to fund the new life of those girls.

Each jewellery represents ” Hope ” and ” Love ” of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

To know more about Eden ministry, please visit the website here.

To buy the jewellery, please visit here.

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