Size : 40cm x 45cm (width x length)

Korowai is an ancient New Zealand Maori weaving art tradition. Embedded in each piece of Korowai is a personal story and history of the weaver. Where I currently live is a beautiful country, renowned for its nature and beauty. The Christian faith has also been a part of this land, passed on from generation to generation since the 1800s. It is slowly disappearing in contemporary society. While I weaved the Korowai, the green feather is representative of the nature here and the blue feather is the sky and sea enveloping it. The red feather is representative of the blood of Jesus Christ. The white is the Holy Spirit. While the land is experiencing an increase in pollution, the spirit in the land is also becoming polluted. Only when the heart returns to Christ, the Holy Sprit will wash the land clean and pure and restore it to its formal glory. This Korowai represents my prayer for the hearts of the land to turn back to Christ.

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