The Prophets

“The Prophets” photography exhibition

Displayed by NZ’s smallest gallery “ Dim’ Gal

Dim’ Gal is not only the smallest gallery in New Zealand, (which is as small as a shop window display) but also the newest one; open since December 2011. Because of its window display style, it is essentially a 24hr-viewing gallery. In the upcoming month of June, Dim’ Gal is going to show cast Marc Daniel McFadyen’s photography exhibition “ The Prophets “ for 3 weeks from 5th to 24th. It’s under the Fringe programme of the 2012 Auckland photography festival.

The Prophets is an exploration in Biblical interpretation through the photographic medium. Using images to illustrate phrases spoken through Old Testament prophets. Rather than an objective interpretation, McFadyen takes the verses and translates the intensity, urgency and hope into a visual expression by way of the elements of nature.

McFadyen finds the intensity and beauty of nature to be in direct correlation; a reciprocal relationship to the heart of God. An image is titled “Your gentleness has made me great” written by the Psalmist King David. McFadyen translates the awesomeness of David’s revelation visually through the allegorical wonder of nature reflecting the characteristics of God and His unsearchable greatness.

Marc McFadyen has been shooting photos since the age of 15 and over the years he has used this medium to express his love for cultures, languages and people. Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of West Auckland, Marc has a New Zealand Fijian background and relates a lot of his work to immigrants and the situations they face when settling in a new country.

Marc also employs his photographic skills to reveal the beauty in the mundane, insignificant and often overlooked realities of life. His approach is based on “God’s glory fills the whole earth” He looks at life full of hope, not with his head in the sand, but still looking for the best in man and woman.

McFadyen returned to New Zealand in November 2010 after spending 13 years living abroad. Below are his past exhibitions.


“Scar Tissue” Montmarte, Paris France.  2000

“A Thing of Beauty” Shanghai, China    2007

Cognizance” Auckland, New Zealand   2011

Refuge” Auckland, New Zealand         2012

For more information about Marc Daniel McFadyen’s photography, please visit the website: Dim’ Gal is located at “ 331 Great North Road, Archi Hill, Auckland Central. “

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