I arrived in Auckland in 2010 Nov from overseas, and I painted a letter box for the 1st place I stayed, where I stayed for 5 months. It’s at 14 Tirimoana Rd, Glendene, Auckland.

Judy's postcard

2 years later on the Christmas day 2012, we had a family breakfast in our new rental place at Ranui, my sister in law passed me a postcard from a lady called ” Judy “, she wrote on the postcard that

” Re: EXODUS chapter 14 V14 ( I walked past your letterbox, late 2010)

To the person who wrote Ex:14 on your letterbox:

Last year your message was a great support to me – the Lord worked on my behalf – while I stood still (after years of worry about a family situation.) It was all resolved on Feb. 14, 2012.

Thanks, and God Bless,
Judy.  ”

WoW, GOd is Good. When I received this postcard, it reminded me the difficult time while newly arrive in a total foreign environment without having any friends, except my husband. In spite of this, God is faithful, Not only He walks me through all the difficulties I have had in N.Z., but He also works on Judy’s situation. Through her postcard, my heart gets encouraged once more for ” Exodus 14: 14 The Lord will fight for you, you shall hold your peace. ”

IMG_8544 Judy postcard

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