Candle screen

Dreama McFadyen was house sitting for a couple and took care of their rabbit “ Morrie “ during the holidays. Morrie’s cage is located in the corner of the kitchen and Dreama would let her out everyday in the afternoon. Morrie was really relaxing and enjoying the open area inside the house. Sometimes she looked out to the bush by the balcony sliding door, sometimes she hid beneath the shelf, and sometimes she would lift up one leg to lean on the wall and indolently rest by the plant after she played around. It was fresh and interesting to see Morrie’s reaction with the environment.

During the house-sitting period, Dreama sketched a series of images inspired by the new environment. Some of them are about Morrie. She framed these 3 images as a candle screen, and the concept is from the prism. When the candle lights up, it shines through 3 images of Morrie’s reaction with the environment. When people use this candle and the candle screen, the light indirectly reacts with its environment and space. It’s a triple reaction- Morrie reacting to her environment, Dreama reacting through her interpretation of Morrie in drawings, and finally the audience’s reaction viewing the candle screen in its proposed space.

Candle screen
Photography by Marc Daniel McFadyen


Reaction – An exhibition of TCAC Members Art  (A Group show)

Location: Upstairs Gallery                                                                                                                   (Titirangi Community Arts Council, Level ONE, Lopdell House, 418 Titirangi Road, Titirangi)

Opening night: 6pm~8pm, Thursday 15th March 2012

Open daily 10am ~ 4.30pm, on display until Sunday, 8th April 2012

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