The Storm

Mixed media. Size: 24.50cm x 35.00cm x1.50cm
This painting was done during November and December 2022

YOU are with me in the storm.
The waves are up and down, and I am tossed around.
Yet YOU are with me.

It’s still raining, the wind is still blowing.
Yet YOU are with me.

YOU are with me always though sometimes I don’t see
Your steady hands surrounding me & comforting me

In the midst of storm
YOU give me hope
I know YOU are taking me to my destination

From last November to December (2022), ” Praise You In This Storm ” a song by ” Casting Crowns. ” speaks to my situation a lot. Months of emotional turmoil comes with this painting.

It was a miracle month in December, through much sickness, struggling with physical and emotional tumoil, my FATHER brought many people on our journey to speak words of life to me and my family.

In the new year of 2023, I feel like I have come out from the storm, and I begin to see the rays of sun, therefore, this piano song also births out of the storm. It’s called ” He is with me in the Storm. ”

6 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Hi Dreama! I love the painting and your reflection on your experiences. The painting reminds me of the beginning of “The Voyage of the Dawntreader” by C.S.Lewis, except in reverse. Maybe the Lord is saying He’s in charge of all your adventures…

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